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Friday, February 13, 2015

Storyboard - Catnipping Green

Here is a Storyboard I did for school. We were assigned a wacky song about Cat Heaven called "Catnipping Green" and as a team of 12 students we had to create a storyboard.

Each person got a verse. I was lucky last on my team, so I got to board the ending! The setting is Chicago in the 1930s. Our story was about a cat Jim Jones who gets crazy high on catnip, then wins big gambling, then gets smashed on milk and cream, then spends all his money on lady cat strippers... all the while taking "catnip". So here is the end of his adventures... we were not kind to him.

And here are my early storybeats, and character designs. In the end we chose one member of our team to design all the characters. But at the beginning of the project we all made suggestions. My cats were a lot fatter than what was chosen! :)

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