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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pinups - Hayley

Got the chance to work on a  new pinup commission! This time for the lovely Hayley, who wanted a caricature to update her website. Here she is singing to her retro-themed microphone! ^_^

You can check out her instagram here: @haylizbethactress

Pinups - Angie's Cakes and Bakes

A few years back I got commissioned to draw a whole bunch of lovely ladies as a present from a bride to her bridesmaids. It was a lot of fun! Angie, one of the lucky girls, asked if I could make the pinup I drew for her into a logo for her side-business called "Angie's Cake's and Bakes". Here is the fun result! You can check out her instagram: @angiescakesandbakes

And the original pinup with a link to it's original post: