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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cuphead - Pip and Dot - the Domino

Another boss I had the pleasure of animating and designing for King Dice's Palace, is this odd couple: Pip and Dot! :) They're a sassy Domino Duo who spend their life on a trapeze! I thought of them as husband and wife... they're pretty close!

Intro and Idle Animation

Hat Attack

And Mouth Attack

And my favorite death of all Cuphead! :D

And some of my favorite stills of Pip and Dot!

Dot... is. not. happy.


  1. Very impressive and I really love your drawing style. You got awesome drawing skills.

  2. Always thought of them as brother and sister, myself. Whatever they are, they better not be siblings AND a couple at the same time... thet would be partially shady and partially disgusting!

  3. Maybe these both characters got opossite genders? Btw it seems you're both Jan Czarnecki and Tina Nawrocki got polish roots. Are you both still living in Canada or usa?