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Friday, March 16, 2018

Architecture Logo

My awesome partner, Mike, is going to school in Architectural Technology. Him and his team partner had to design and pitch the layout for a new house. To be extra awesome, they wanted to create a company name and logo for the project. Being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I designed 3 options for their theoretical business!

And the winner was: Open Door

Design Package for Open Door:

Other options were Paper House:

And Above Grade:

All the fun things to do when I don't feel like working on what I should be working on! ^_^

Pinups - Jenine

Another lovely Pinup client! This time Jenine wanted a logo created for her Yoga/Wellness studio.

I also created a second version, with blue skin, to look a bit more like a statue:

She also requested a circle icon of her face, and a yoga silhouette:

I also created several business card options for her center. 
I gave her many options, but here is my favorite! 

This was a really fun commission to work on. 
I hope all her clients enjoy the new look of her business!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Pinups - Mini Melon Thinking

A wonderful returning customer - Vanna Melon - commissioned another pose for her avatar Mini Melon which she uses on her youtube channel! This time, Mini Melon is thinking... about what? Your guess is as good as mine! ^_^

Always a joy to work with Vanna! Had a ton of fun with this one!

Check out her youtube channel here: Vanna Melon Youtube

If you want to see more of my Mini Melon pinups here are two more links to check out!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pinups - Hayley

Got the chance to work on a  new pinup commission! This time for the lovely Hayley, who wanted a caricature to update her website. Here she is singing to her retro-themed microphone! ^_^

You can check out her instagram here: @haylizbethactress

Pinups - Angie's Cakes and Bakes

A few years back I got commissioned to draw a whole bunch of lovely ladies as a present from a bride to her bridesmaids. It was a lot of fun! Angie, one of the lucky girls, asked if I could make the pinup I drew for her into a logo for her side-business called "Angie's Cake's and Bakes". Here is the fun result! You can check out her instagram: @angiescakesandbakes

And the original pinup with a link to it's original post:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Pinups - Mini Melon Logo Caricature!

I've had a wonderful return client, Vanna, ask me once again to collaborate! This time in creating her new logo featuring her Persona "Mini Melon". She will be using this pinup caricature for her very popular youtube channel.

Being amazing, she even featured Cuphead on it.

Vanna Melon Youtube ^_^

I think it turned out adorable, and she was very happy with the result! Here's Mini Melon!

You can also check out some of the other adorable Mini Melon pinups that I created earlier on:

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cuphead - Pip and Dot - the Domino

Another boss I had the pleasure of animating and designing for King Dice's Palace, is this odd couple: Pip and Dot! :) They're a sassy Domino Duo who spend their life on a trapeze! I thought of them as husband and wife... they're pretty close!

Intro and Idle Animation

Hat Attack

And Mouth Attack

And my favorite death of all Cuphead! :D

And some of my favorite stills of Pip and Dot!

Dot... is. not. happy.