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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dr Sketchy #drsketchymtlkeepssketching

Since we're all stuck at home during this global crisis, a lot of amazing art initiatives have been pop up! I participated a few times in the Dr Sketchy Montreal one - #drsketchymtlkeepssketching

I've only done a few of the days, but I hope to do more when I can! Here they are!

If you want to participate, check out their Facebook Page!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Jasper J. Pumpkinhead - First Scene

I'm super proud to be working on a classical 2d Animated side project - a short about a scarecrow called Jasper J. Pumpkinhead! The director of the short, and creator of the character, is the amazing Brian Kesinger. If you don't know his work, please check out his instagram!
Brian Kesinger Instagram

Here is a pencil test of the first scene where I animated Jasper. I got to know the character a lot better later on, but I still love this first scene!

Everything is animated on paper, with pencil, by hand! Old school!

And here are some of my favorite drawings from the scene!

OCAD talk - Delaware

I got invited, last October, to conduct 1930s character design workshop, at OCAD in Delaware. I completely forgot to post some art and pictures from the event! As per usual, I drew some themed little 30s characters. Here is the American collection! Also, a few pictures with the wonderful OCAD students who participated!

Appa - Sketching my Puppy

It's been forever since I made a new blog post. But today I decided to sketch my adorable sleeping puppy - Appa, the Westie. He just turned one year old (his birthday is February 23rd!), and it's been an amazing first year with him as part of our little family! Here is the nugget sleeping, charcoal and chalk on tinted paper.

And here are some pictures of him growing up during his first year... just because he's so cute! ^_^

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Cuphead - For the Love of 2d Animation

The post-Cuphead launch ride has truly been incredible! I've been invited to so many amazing festivals, in various awesome countries. And finally, after my last talk at Digital Dragons in Krakow Poland, my talk is now available to see online. You can watch it here on youtube!

Hope you enjoy it! I can't bear to hear myself talk on recordings, so I won't be watching it! ^_^

Friday, December 14, 2018

Animex - 2019 Holiday Card

The awesome people from Animex Fesitval UK also commissioned me to design this year's Holiday Card!

Here is the result! Another character drawn in the style of the 1930s! ^_^

And here is the original Sketch!

Animex 2019 - 20th Anniversary Logo

This year I got to go to Animex in the UK to talk about Cuphead! While there, I sold some fun 1930s style character prints. I guess the organizers liked my work, because I got commissioned to create their logo for 2019. Meet Leo! ^_^

And here is his original sketch:

I also got to animate him! :)

And here he is animated!