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Friday, April 22, 2016

CUPHEAD! Gameplay with new bosses!

So I have had the pleasure of being an animator on the upcoming video game Cuphead for almost half a year now! It's an amazing team of passionate people, who will not let classical 2d animation die! I get to animate at my animation table, pencil in hand, day in and day out! Who could ask for more?

Finally there is a new trailer out, featuring two new boses, for the PAX demo. None of my levels are in here BUT, two little contributions made it! The animation of the Shop Keeper Pig and my designs for the action poses of Cuphead and Mugman on their upgrade cards! So proud! :D

Cuphead New Bosses at PAX

And here are the screen grabs of my bits!

Cuphead and Mugman lookin' spiffy!

And the fat Shop Keep Pig. Not my design! But I had the pleasure of animating him!



  1. I cant wait for this cup head game to come out. I love the art style and the animations. I love the old disney steam boat willy animation style and this game nails that style. On top of it, i grew up playing games like Contra and Mega man. Those games are very similar in game play. I cant wait! Your so lucky to be working on this game.

    1. Thanks Jason! I am so honored to be a part of this team! I know it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I'm soaking it all in! :D Game is out 2016 - we promise! :D

  2. Wow.

    Great article.

    Don't forget to check out this cuphead wallpaper.

    You will definitely like it.