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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cuphead - Pip and Dot - the Domino

Another boss I had the pleasure of animating and designing for King Dice's Palace, is this odd couple: Pip and Dot! :) They're a sassy Domino Duo who spend their life on a trapeze! I thought of them as husband and wife... they're pretty close!

Intro and Idle Animation

Hat Attack

And Mouth Attack

And my favorite death of all Cuphead! :D

And some of my favorite stills of Pip and Dot!

Dot... is. not. happy.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cuphead - Hopus Pocus - Magician Rabbit

CUPHEAD is LIVE! What an amazing trip this has been! Not only am I so proud of our incredible team at Studio MDHR, but also amazed by the awesome fan response! Extra bonus - I finally get to share some of the work I got to do on the game!

First up - Hopus Pocus - one of King Dice's villain buddies that you fight in the Casino. He was by far my favorite to animate. I think I connected with him on a psychological level? ;)

Hopus Pocus Idle!

His Attack!

And his death animation!

And here are some of my favorite drawings - especially love my fun smear drawing from his attack! What a fun character he was to animate!