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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

1930s Characters - Mexico

As a perk of the amazing fame of #Cuphead I've been honored by invitations to several events in order come and talk about the art and animation of this lovely game. I went to Monterrey Mexico for #SuperDrawBreak2, and I have several more exciting events coming up shortly!

For the fun of it, I created fun #1930s style characters in the theme of the country I visit. I did this first in #Mexico and I plan on continuing the trend for events to come! ^_^ Here are the fun little characters I created, which you can buy if you chose in my Esty Store: Tina's Etsy Page

The most popular character at Draw Break was Tequila! ^_^ 

Also popular was Chili Pepper

And heres' Taco


And Rooster!

Pinups - Witch Betty - Brew City Yarns

Got to the chance to work again with Brew City Yarns to create a little witch version of their Pinup Logo "Betty"! They were a joy to work with before, and a joy to work with now! They make amazing custom, hand died yarns for knitters.

As some extra fun, Brew City Yarns are planning to be part of a fair shortly, and they will be selling #HarryPotter themed Scarf-Making kits! Each kit will have enough to knit your very own #Hogwarts House Scarf! I made an extra 4 versions of Witch Betty, sporting each House Scarf! Which would you chose? ^_^

Check out the original Pinup of Betty Here: Brew City Yarns Logo

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