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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Painting - Blast from the past!

Since we'll be focusing on drawing horse-drawn stagecoaches in layout this semester, I thought I would dig up some of my old horse paintings from my childhood. One thing I did do a lot of was horse drawings! As I got older though, I started to rebel - to no longer be known only for drawing horses, so I started to branch out into portraiture and then illustration.

But some things you just don't forget. And I think now I've come to terms with my horsy past!

When I was around 12, I really wanted to horseback ride, but our family didn't have the funds for such an expensive hobby. So I started painting horses to sell, so that I could make money for lessons. Then, when I was 14, my family moved back to Poland, Bialystok, for a year... where I didn't go to school! Instead, I painted. Horses. And did a lot of horseback riding, because there it was dirt cheap.

So a blast from the past! My childhood oil paintings! :) Horsies! All oil on canvas!

This one is of Emanor, a very successful arabian stallion at the time - painted in 2001

Painted in Poland in 2000

2003 - my fascination with the Polish Husaria! :)

2002 - Proud Step! Another Arabian.


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  1. cool. It's like you had a previous career already. nice work. What a dream to take a year off and just paint and ride horses.