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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Storyboard - A Mistake - Exploration

Back to Sheridan for year 2. First storyboard assignment. We have to interpret 2 poems in boards, and create our own custom character lineups for each. Here is poem 1:


He said he wanted pest control,
And so I brought him this.
It escaped.
So I was blamed
For the resulting mess.

We got it back, it lives here now,
One of our special guests.
But there is still one problem:
It doesn't scare the pests!

So my idea is set in the Ice Age. A young boy brings his Granddad a Wooly Mammoth to get rid of the mice... turns out the Mammoth is scared of mice. But in the end, Mice, Woolly, Boy and even Granddad life peacefully all together.

So far I'm working on exploratory work for the characters. Sketch dump! Tomorrow I'll work on a more solid lineup. At first I toyed with the idea of the wife bringing home Woolly, but thought the boy would be funnier:

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