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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Studies in Creativity - On being wrong.

For an elective that I'm taking, titled "Introduction to Studies in Creativity", we need to write reponse Logs to various subjects throughout the semester. As the professor is nice, he allows us to draw our respones if we so wish.

So here is my response to Kathryn Schultz's Ted Talk on our falliability and the importance of being wrong.

Link to the Ted Talk:
Ted Talk - Kathryn Schultz on Being Wrong

In her talk Scultz compares being wrong to Wile E Coyote walking off the cliff and staying in mid air. So "being wrong" feels like "being right"... until you look down and realize you were wrong - that's when you fall!

In my log I talk about how being an artist and animator is the constant falling into the canyon - every drawing we do is wrong! Something can always be improved! :) So here I am - Wile E Animator!

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