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Friday, November 7, 2014

Character Design - Caricatures - Ranczo 2

Drawing more caricatures for my TV assignment. More of my favorite Polish show Ranczo. This show doesn't care for cookie-cutter "hot" actors. REAL looking people! With character! I consider these drawings a break from real work, because they're too much fun!

Wiecej karykatur z Rancza! Po prostu to dla mnie rozrywka, tak uwielbiam te wszystkie postacie. Takie charaktery!

For those who know! Dla tych ktorzy moga rozpoznac:
Jola, Wojt (Senator!), Japycz, Babka
Piotrek Pietrek, Ksiadz
Doktorowa, Lucy, Wieclawska

If you missed part one, more Ranczo Caricatures!
Wiecej Karykatur z Rancza:
Caricatures - Ranczo 1

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