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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Games - Operation Spark - Mardi Gras Mayham

A good friend, and former collegue of mine, John Fraboni, moved back to New Orleans, where he got involved in an awesome project called Operation Spark.

The game is set in (surprise surprise) New Orleans! Got to design some cute buildings!

When he moved back to New Orleans, he got the chance to help createa Operation Spark - a program to help teens, who might not be able to afford the hefty sum needed for an education in computer sciences, to learn how to code. John is not only an awesome programmer (we met while I was working in Gaming in Montreal), but also a kick-ass jazz drummer. Which gives him the cool street cred he needs to work with teens (hats off). The program has two parts - a boot camp, where the kids learn Java and Html5, and then they are placed at an actual Studio for an internship, to help them get work. Awesome stuff. To find out more about it, check out their facebook page:

Also check out their promo video, which has the game featured in it (without all my assets sadly...)

The kids at Operation Spark coded two games - Mardi Gras Mayham, and Rapstar Name Generator. John asked me to do some quick art for these two games, so they could show them off in New York, where they were looking to get some more funding.

So... I just couldn't say no. Had very little time to work on this, so it is a bit rushed - and I had to conform to the size and look that was already set out for me. But still managed to have a lot of fun with it!

Splash page! Though I think it didn't get used in the final game.

And here is my game mockup, with the superhero flying along.

 And here is her lovely flight cycle! :)

Go Operation Spark!

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