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Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Covers - Malowanki na szkle (Paintings on Glass)

So, as I mentioned before, my mother, Beata Golembiowska, is on fire and she wrote yet another novel called "Paintings on Glass" which is soon to be published. I had the honor yet again to paint the cover for her new book.

The setting for the novel is the Polish Tatry mountains. This area of Poland has a very rich and recognizable folklore. The theme of the dancing highlander girl is consistent throughout the book, and this is what my mother requested as the cover.

I went super old school on this one and actually painted it in watercolor. I hope you all like it!

Here is the front:

This is what the full cover will look like. The text on the back, and some other elements are obviously still placeholder.

And finally, just for fun! My initial sketch:

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